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Absolutely Free

The best program is that we are providing our CRM absolutely for FREE for the year 2017.

Does your sales team loathe using CRM?

Not anymore!

The story behind our CRM is what every day your sales team will tell you, “It is too complicated and time-consuming”. The CRM was actually supposed to be created for the internal use however we found that to be too selfish.

Rich & Handy Features

Unified Communication- Eliminate Multiple Level Update

Unlike others where you need to leave notes in contact level and organization level, our crm doesn’t need that. Any activity or notes left at a contact level gets automatically updated in organization level, too.

Email Communication Quality Control- Review before
its too late.

New hires in the team? No need to worry. Your team member can send emails for you to review before sending out to client. You can then send it back for revision or approve so it goes to respective users.

Focus on
Productive Work- Eliminate Unproductive Task

The biggest frustration in CRM is that we have to go back and forth to see or find any information. Ours is built on a “minimal click information” principle. Almost all of the basic information or task is available at one click.

Integrated Team Chatbox- Communicate with Team in Real-Time

You don’t need to call or travel around the office to to communicate with your team. Integrated chat box helps you to communicate your team right away so that you can pass on the information within lightning speed.

More than 2 million records of Businesses- Saves Time on Research

More than 2 million business database from around the globe and counting while you are reading this, instantly available when you join us. We save money and time on researching right party contacts.

Performance Report- Predict Your Sales & Set Targets

We will be testing our beta version during the whole 2017 to make sure it has no bugs and has all the necessary tools to have a positive impact on your bottomline. We have decided to provide our CRM absolutely free till 2017.

Why Others Love It?

Quick View

Contact Page One Click-Govind Rai-Owner

Save Time & Money on Data

Simply click the name to get a preview. You can do much more like leaving notes, sending email, adding task, etc.

You save the frustration of going back and forth of a contact page for something so basic.

With our subscription you get access to our huge database. Plus our expert researchers are constantly finding and adding  new businesses with contacts.

With our CRM you save time on research and money on buying these data.

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